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  • Testing Video on the Canon Rebel T6s

    Testing Video on the Canon Rebel T6s

    Until recently I’d never used a DSLR that was capable of video. Oh, I’d had plenty of point-and-shoot cameras that were capable of shooting video, but not DSLRs. Thanks to my mom, I now have the Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR and I wanted to try out the video. On the first day, with the auto-focus […]

  • My first video editing experience with KDEnlive

    [iframe src=”″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen>] KDEnlive Test from djotaku on Vimeo. I’ve mentioned this on my blog before, but there are a few passions that I have been engaged in to various degrees over the course of my life. One of those is the creation of videos. Of course, video creation is […]

  • Let Me Smoke My Pipe!

    Dan’s not the only one that can post videos. Here’s one I really enjoyed. I heard about this guy in a podcast that covered a steam punk gathering in London.

  • Creative Commons

    First my amaturish Creative Commons video: The Creative Commons from djotaku on Vimeo. Now, this awesome one I saw on Lawrence Lessig’s Blog:

  • Playing with Blender’s New Hair Particles

    So, I was working on fixing up some armature problems with the characters for I’m Not Mad.  If you watch David’s Lip Sync you can see there were some major fixes needed for the Dan and Dave characters.  Well, in the time since I started working on the character models Blender 2.46 was released.  In […]

  • Robots is Released

    A few days ago, I released my lastest video, “Robots“.  It’s a fan-tribute music video based on the song of the same name by Flight of the Conchords.  Check it out and enjoy.

  • Fish Wish, A Vancouver Film School Project

    I found this online and I think it’s cute. Scientifically, however, I have a bit of a problem with the ending.

  • Revisiting the Experiment

    Almost a year ago, I mentioned that I had discovered the site In that blog post I mentioned that I felt my animation wasn’t really getting the amount of views I hoped they would get. So I put my animation on mytoons and when the results weren’t immediately different, I completely forgot about my […]

  • Big Buck Bunny has been Released to the net!

    Big Buck Bunny from Blender Foundation on Vimeo. Here’s the Blender Institute’s latest movie.  It’s much, much better than Elephants Dream.  Check it out!

  • What I’m Up To – Animation-Wise

    Well, I’m filling up my space time with programming and animation.  Here’s what I’m currently up to with animation.  First of all, there’s “Sugar“. I have the script and most of the props complete for the animation.  I got a little frustrated when I was working on Nick’s armature and started working on programming and […]

  • FarmerJoe – An easier render solution.

    I’ve been very happy until now with drqueue. Developed by Jorge Daza, it’s a very nice render farm management software with a nice GUI. It worked relatively well for me for “Jose’s Dinner” and “Schrodinger’s Cat“. However, there were two big kinks in using drqueue. First of all, Windows support was so sketchy it might […]

  • drop the bomb productions gets a facelift

    After having tried drupal for a couple of years on an unrelated site, I came to see that it would be a great way to develop a new site for drop the bomb productions.  After about two days of converting the site over, you can now see the results.  I think it results in a […]

  • MakeHuman makes huge strides

    You’re probably asking yourself two questions. 1) When did Eric get awesome at modeling humans? and 2) What are these bald, naked women doing on this site? In fact, you probably asked yourself those questions in the reverse order. Extra points for the MakeHuman team if you didn’t even realize those were computer images and […]

  • Upgrading to the latest Dr Queue Render Manager

    Since I don’t have any animation needing to be rendered for a few months, I decided it was a great time to upgrade Dr Queue to the latest version.  I’d heard that a lot of improvements had been added since version 0.60.  So let’s see how the upgrade process goes: On Mario, my Fedora 8 […]

  • ZeroPunctuation – Awesome video game reviews!

    The word irreverent is tossed around way too flippantly these days, however, if there’s one site that deserves it, it’s ZeroPunctuation. ZeroPunctuation is a site where a British guy living in Australia reviews video games within a video format weekly. He often makes fun of games and the genres they belong in. The animation is […]