Testing Video on the Canon Rebel T6s

Canon Rebel T6s Featured Image

Until recently I’d never used a DSLR that was capable of video. Oh, I’d had plenty of point-and-shoot cameras that were capable of shooting video, but not DSLRs. Thanks to my mom, I now have the Canon EOS Rebel T6s Digital SLR and I wanted to try out the video. On the first day, with the auto-focus I was annoyed because it’s incredibly loud on the onboard microphone. More or less impossible to shoot film that way until you’re going to have an external mic. So I played around with it with manual focus. Here is the result:

It’s a rather boring video, content-wise, unless you happen to be related to Scarlett. But I learned a bit about shooting manual. If you’re shooting in a loud environment – eg Scarlett’s talking constantly or there is music in the background, then the onboard mic is good enough for home videos. If it’s relatively quiet, then the onboard mic picks up every little fidget against the body, even twist of the lens. Also, with normal photography lenses (not sure if there are other kinds for filming), zooming is not smooth enough. Never noticed that when just shooting still images. Essentially you have to be like a real film maker – no zooming – move closer or further. The quality of the unedited film is OK, but I was shooting at 400 ISO. I’ll have to try at 100 to see if it looks more BluRay-like.