drop the bomb productions

I’m moving my videos from drupal to here. It is just too much work without much payoff to maintain it as its own site. More to come here in the future.

Legal Stuff

All the clips on this site are copylefted to drop the bomb productions and its sole member, Eric Mesa. Where others have contributed to a particular video, it is mentioned in the credits.

All of the clips are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.5 License. Where there clips have not been explicitly licensed within the video, I have retroactively licensed it, being the copyright holder – I feel it is within my rights to do so.

One important note with respect to the creative commons license. On some of my work, especially the older work, I have used music and/or clips from other copyrighted sources. Some of those are within fair use and some of it is in the same legal gray area as fan fiction. It’s technically breaking copyright law, but the copyright holders tolerate it since it brings more popularity to their products.

So in those cases where, say, I own the copyright to the video, but not the music, you can do as you wish with the video (according to the Creative Commons license above), but not with the music. As I continue to evolve the drop the bomb productions website, I hope to make this much clearer for each clip.

Oh yeah, I’m not a lawyer – just an electrical engineer – so the paragraph above is my best interpretation, if you feel that you may get sued as a result of your actions, consult with a real copyright law-specializing lawyer. I can’t (and won’t) be held legally responsible for anything you do based upon this page. It mostly exists to talk about my licenses.

The Story behind dtbp

It all began with a video. This video, to be specific:


(Well, at least it begins with that video if we’re talking about drop the bomb productions, this video was the first appearance, but it was not the beginning of my interest in videos and video editing)

My previous forays into video editing had me using Eric Mesa Films. However, when it came time to collaborate on this video with my brother, I wanted to come up with something more creative. I was creating the credits with a forerunner to Powerpoint. There was a bomb which was ticking down to explosion and I thought it looked pretty neat. I came up with Drop the Bomb Productions, which later evolved to drop the bomb productions. Unfortunately, the program malfunctioned when it came time to create the video and commit it to tape, the bomb didn’t show up. That was fine with me – from then on, my video production studio would be known as drop the bomb productions. When I later got SonicFoundry Video Factory I created the final image of the exploding bomb which would be my trademark from then on.

Since then I have always used that introduction to my completed videos with only one exception, my Sept 11 video (which can be found ). I obviously felt it would be quite insensitive of me to have that opening image considering what had happened on 11 Sept.