What I’m Up To – Animation-Wise

Well, I’m filling up my space time with programming and animation.  Here’s what I’m currently up to with animation.  First of all, there’s “Sugar. I have the script and most of the props complete for the animation.  I got a little frustrated when I was working on Nick’s armature and started working on programming and some other projects.  I intend to get back to Sugar very soon now and finish it up by the end of the year.

I’m also actively working on “I’m Not Mad“, a serialized animation my brothers and I have been kicking around for about 2-3 years now.  I’ve finished up the character designs/modeling and now I’m working on rigging up the characters and doing an animation test.  I don’t have a script for the first story arc yet, but I do have a story I need to flesh out.  I’m the primary writer and my brothers will be helping me out with details and dialog for their characters.  I’d like to have started animation on the first story arc by the end of this year.

“Headache” is an animation I wanted to work on as the first in a series of unrelated shorts featuring the same character.  Think, for example of Disney cartoons or the old Looney Tunes.  The main characters were in a lot of short films and none of them were really related to each other.  I’ve got the major story points down and I hope to at least have the character modeled, if not rigged by the end of 2008.

Finally, I am working on an animated adaptation of “The Pig and the Box” with screenplay by my talented friend, Lisa Lau.  She’s already written the screenplay so the ball’s back in my court.  I’d like to have the characters modeled and rigged by Q4 2008/Q1 2009.

So, there you have it, that’s what drop the bomb productions is up to for 2008.  I hope you will enjoy watching my animation as much as I enjoy creating it.