Bite-Sized TTRPG Adventures

I’ve written a lot about DnD Adventure Club, including my last two posts. Today while I was looking at the Pathfinder Humble Bundle, I went to the Pathfinder website to see if they had a page listing differences (since Pathfinder started as a fork of D&D 3.5). I found this page – Adventure Paths. It looks like they’re doing the same thing as DnD Adventure Club, except in Pathfinder 2e and without a kid focus. Also, it seems like each trilogy is building to a larger story (like Buffy the Vampire Slayer with its villain of the season, but also overarching story). It makes me wish that Wizards of the Coast (the Hasbro subsidiary that runs D&D) would do something similar – or if a 3rd party creator did it that it would be tightly coupled to D&D beyond. One advantage of WotC doing the mini-adventures is that they could use them to highlight different aspects of the mechanics or classes. I love that DnD Adventure Club comes with a new character each month with some example backstories. It really helps demonstrate the different races and classes. Also, upon further examination of the Pathfinder adventures I saw that each trilogy is written by a different person (creating opportunities to showcase new writers) and that (at least the one I clicked on) is tied to a campaign setting book. This is SO smart from a marketing point of view. “If you enjoyed your little trilogy in this corner of our world, you might enjoy learning more about it…” Yeah, WoTC should DEFINITELY look into this.

PS I didn’t end up getting the Pathfinder bundle because it’s tied to a VTT. I’d much rather have PDFs of the source books that belong to me rather than being tethered to any one platform – this is actually a sore spot with me and D&D and might feature in a future post.