My VM Host

This is the computer I most often run VMs on. This information was more important when I was doing a lot of distro reviews. I did not be instal the distros, they were either run Live or installed into Virtualbox. Nowadays I rarely do distro reviews because I don’t have the time to do a substantial review.

From 2015 until Present

Motherboard: TBA

RAM:  24 GB

CPU:  AMD Fx-8320 8 Core Processor

OS: Linux (specifically, Fedora)

From 2009 until 2014

Motherboard: TBA

RAM:  6 GB

CPU:  Intel Dual Core 1.86 GHz

OS: Linux (specifically, Fedora)

Prior to 2009

Motherboard:  Asus P4P800-E Deluxe

RAM:  2 GB

CPU:  Intel Pentium 4 – 3 Ghz 800 Hz FSB 1 MB L2 Cache

OS: Windows XP

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