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I am a creator and technology geek and the two often overlap. My interests include programming, writing, photography, creating comics, building computers, and video production. I prefer free operating systems like Linux and BSD. I prefer interpreted languages like Python and Perl. I’m learning new programming languages by solving problems in Advent of Code. I am also a father, husband, son, and brother.

My GPG Key can be used to verify emails I have signed. Nothing in this world is infallible (eg someone may crack my GPG key and impersonate me) but if you get email signed with my key, you can be reasonably sure that it came from me and is not spam or malicious. You can also use my public key to encrypt emails you send to me or encrypt files you only want me to be able to decrypt.

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New GPG Key (Nov 2015): My New GPG Key

I have a very firm stance against Digital Restrictions Management (DRM) and believe that if I go and spend money on music, movies, etc that I should have the rights to do with it as I wish. If I want to put that music on a CD, iPod, or server, I should be able to. We traditionally had the ability to share music with others via technology such as dubbing records to tapes, it always has been illegal – it was just ignored in the past. Here are my thoughts on DRM. Some key points are here: hypocrisy, DRM, it just makes sense, and civil disobedience. For a source of news on the subject, check out defective by design.

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