Upgrading to the latest Dr Queue Render Manager

Since I don’t have any animation needing to be rendered for a few months, I decided it was a great time to upgrade Dr Queue to the latest version.  I’d heard that a lot of improvements had been added since version 0.60.  So let’s see how the upgrade process goes:

On Mario, my Fedora 8 machine, I had to install scons first as it’s now used to buld dr queue.  I also had to build it on my FreeBSD machines, starting with KingKoopa, the render master.  This also required python to be installed.  For Mario, it was very easy, I just ran the install script and it wrote over the old stuff and appears to work.  I’ll probably need to copy the new directories over to the common hard drive.  Peach and BulletBill already had python installed so they didn’t need scons installed.

I tried running the scons on FreeBSD, but it didn’t work right away.  Apparently he wasn’t checking for it in the SConstruct file so I edited that.

I was unable to get it working so I’m going to send an email to the mailing list.  I’ll let you know what the fix was.

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