Highlight of my day

I was DMing the first third of a DnD Adventure Club campaign for my kids today. My son likes to mostly play as Grumpy Mcgrumbles, a dwarven fighter. The kids were attacked by a group of Gnolls. Normally, most of the time, the kids play pretty straightforwardly although they are starting to get more creative. My son decided that since he’s a strong dwarf, he wanted to pick up the Gnolls and throw them into the river or into each other. I wanted to encourage the creativity, so I had him do an athletics check. Between his +7 and a series of lucky rolls, he ends up almost always successfully tossing the Gnolls and the kids and I erupted into fits of laughter as the battle became more and more chaotic. It was even funnier when he finally had a bad roll and so he just picked up the Gnoll and dropped him at his feet.

Other fun moments included everyone wanting to lead the party or or the evolving running gags like Scarlett’s character being bad at remembering names. Oh, and as the DM I had to get the kids to ask about rumors, but they started interrogating the castle guards and the answers I gave on the fly made the guards seem really dumb. Especially since they asked me what the prince looks like, but I didn’t have a description in the campaign so one of my answers was “princely”.

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