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This used to have a list of my computers. At this point, I think it’s just relevant to list that I run the following OSes:

  • Raspbery Pi OS
  • Fedora (usually the latest or within two releases of the latest)
  • Ubuntu LTS (various releases)
  • Debian
  • Windows 10
  • CentOS 7 and 8
  • RHEL

I’m running Linux on everything from full-sized large motherboard computers to laptops to netbooks to Raspberry Pis. Windows runs on my gaming computer.

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  1. Your Linux reviews seem most useful to me. So, you get my questions.
    H/W: ASUS (P2V?) M/B with Video&Sound, 1GB RAM, 20 GB IDE drive, 80 GB SATA drive (both drives have OS loaded), 2.8 GHz Pentium 4. Running Win 2K Pro. HP LaserJet 4, Microtek Scanner w/ SCSI-II PCI interface card; Microtek Trackball Marble+. Cable Internet connection.
    Background: Retired geology prof. Systems mgr 1983-1990 on multiuser BSD and Solaris Systems for GIS; good C and FORTRAN skills. Comfortable with command line syntax and operation; new to GUI “Unix” interfaces.
    Main desktop uses: Open Office, Photoshop, Web browsing, Email. GoogleEarth
    Will add 2nd SATA drive, 350-500 GB, dedicated to a new Linux install; hopefully will not have to upgrade Windows again.

    Need multi-boot options, ease of install, wide variety of avail. drivers, Free installation, bug free, avail free antivirus, Friendly user community.Wi-Fi support (Belkin & Buffalo Tech H/W).
    So far, considering: Linux Mint, Umbutu, Fedora, SUSE, please recommend best of these or others.

  2. Hi,

    Since your reviews are very interesting;
    We want to know if it’s possible and ok for you if we traduce your new reviews from english to french and post them in our website. Of course there will be a direct link, website name and even author name if you want in the top of the traduced article with a thanks word.

    Thank you.

  3. nice post man but i wonder how your wife manages with xandros, it kinda sucks. I only used OpenSuse 10.2 but that was ages ago, since then I favored intel Macs.
    Any link where we can get your linux reviews ? thanks

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