Revisiting the Experiment

Almost a year ago, I mentioned that I had discovered the site In that blog post I mentioned that I felt my animation wasn’t really getting the amount of views I hoped they would get. So I put my animation on mytoons and when the results weren’t immediately different, I completely forgot about my experiment. I check back on from time to time because of their great newsletter, Animation Snack. But I hardly ever check on my own videos. Well, I did a check today and the results are astonishing!

My 11 Second Club animation has, as of today, 225 views on Vimeo. On MyToons it has 2004 views! A whole order of magnitude more views! My Trick or Treat animation has 141 views on Vimeo. Pretty sad for something I tried hard to bust out in about a couple months’ time. On MyToons it has 2091 views! (and I use Vimeo on drop the bomb productions!) Schrodinger’s Cat has 345 views on Vimeo, but 2287 views on MyToons. And, finally, Jose’s Dinner has 300 views on Vimeo and 2210 views on MyToons!

Plus they’ve recently been updating the video pages. I think they look MUCH nicer than they did before and do a better job of presenting the metadata about the animations than they did before.

So, if you are into animation, I strongly suggest putting your short films and animation reels on

3 responses to “Revisiting the Experiment”

  1. Thanks for the great words on MyToons! We try really hard to make MyToons the best online experience for ALL animators and animation fans.

    Thanks again

    Paul Ford

  2. Yeah – big thanks for the kind words! We would absolutely love to hear any ideas, suggestions, requests, etc. you have – please feel free to email me personally with them anytime!!

    Like Paul says, we really do want to be the best for animators everywhere, and you guys, the animators, are our best partners in the process, so please let us know what we can do to help you out!!

    Thanks again,

    (ps – i love that your submit button says “hit it.” one of my all time favorite phrases!)

  3. You guys have done a really great job and it just keeps getting better and better. I especially love the animation snack that introduces me to animators I wouldn’t have time to find on my own. Keep up the great wokr.

    Glad like you the “hit it” button. q:o)