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  • New Recipes Sept 2020 – Nov 2020

    In September I made two new recipes. One was the Lamb and Grilled Onion burger from Weber’s Big Book of Burgers. I also tried a hot and fast recipe for pulled pork from Raichlen’s Project Fire. The taste was good, but the biggest hit was the recipe he had for a mustard sauce. For October […]

  • New Dishes I Cooked in July 2020

    As food stocks started to normalize towards the middle of COVID summer, I started to take advantage and try out more new dishes. It also helped that we were FINALLY able to find yeast again! The Chicago-style pepperoni pan pizza was one of the first recipes I wrote down to make. However, I never seemed […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in May 2020 and June 2020

    May was Cuban food month. I’d received a new cookbook of recipes from the Miami diaspora and back in Cuba. So I tried my hand at a few new recipes. Technically, I’d done the breaded steak (usually called Chicken Fried Steak in the USA) and pork shoulder Cuban style before, but this was the first […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in April 2020

    When it came to new dishes, April was all about bread. First, I made a no-knead bread with America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe. It came out OK. I actually tried it again the following day to try and get a darker crust. The funny thing is that this is one of the easiest breads to make […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in March 2020

    While I did a lot of cooking in March, I only made one new dish – Brown Sugar cookies. I’d had regular sugar cookies my entire life. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I had sugar cookies made with brown sugar instead. The brown sugar definitely took these cookies to a whole other […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in Feb 2020

    Very low number of new dishes. Mostly because I was obsessed with programming and Gwent. Both recipes were from America’s Test Kitchen. The pizza recipe was a challenge to be able to make a pizza that would be ready in an hour and not suffer too much from not having the pizza ferment for a […]

  • 2019 in Cooking

    2019 in Cooking

    Without a doubt, the biggest story to tell about my cooking in 2019 is learning how to make, and no longer be intimidated by, breads. I made 15 different new breads and biscuits this year, including new family favorites like the Amish Friendship Bread and Brown Butter-Cardemom Banana bread. Also, there were the harder breads […]

  • New Dishes I cooked Dec 2019

    New Dishes I cooked Dec 2019

    December had a relatively low number of new dishes. I made a pasta bolognese from a new cookbook that I found rich and delicious. I had an OK attempt at flat bread. I needed to roll out the bread a bit thinner because it didn’t really fulfill the “flat” part of flat bread. The Spanish […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in August 2019

    New Dishes I cooked in August 2019

    Lots of Mexican food and a some other neat, ambitious dishes in August. The by this point the chicken chilaquiles were one of the oldest chicken dishes on my To-Make list. I just never happened to have the ingredients around and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a hit or a flop. […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in July 2019

    New Dishes I cooked in July 2019

    I finally made bacon from scratch for the first time, so that deserves its own gallery: One of the things that had been stopping me was the fact that Costco only sold pork bellies already sliced for Korean dishes. Then, the weekend I was going to ask them if I could buy a full pork […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in June 2019

    New Dishes I cooked in June 2019

    The biggest dish for me this month was the pit beef, which I’d been wanting to make for at least two years now. I finally went ahead and smoked it according to Meathead’s recipe (along with his recipe for Tiger Sauce – a type of horseradish). I was afraid after waiting for so long I’d […]

  • Changing Tastes

    Sometimes you only think you don’t like a dish because you simply don’t like the way it’s been prepared for you in the past. This has happened to me with a LOT of foods. Most recently I realized had written off oatmeal simply because my tastes didn’t match that of the others around me. From […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in May 2019

    New Dishes I cooked in May 2019

    I didn’t cook many new dishes in May, although I did have some encores of dishes that the family enjoyed. Since there are too few dishes to group them by theme, I’ll just go chronologically this month. Ever since getting America’s Test Kitchen’s book on Mexican dishes, I’d made some great enchiladas a few times. […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in April 2019

    New Dishes I cooked in April 2019

    April was a month for getting a little more ambitious as well as trying variations on dishes I’d made before. Among the variations I would count the tilefish, grilled chicken thighs, and bratwust hot tub. The tilefish was just a variation on the Raichlen grilled fish recipe I’d tried before with blackfish. This time I […]

  • New Dishes I cooked in March 2019

    New Dishes I cooked in March 2019

    March was a bad time to have gluten allergies in my house. I did a lot of baking and most of it turned out great. The bake-sale muffins (used blueberries) in particular were a huge hit. I never knew blueberry muffins could taste so good. I’m kind of mad at every place I’ve ever eaten […]