Lots of Mexican food and a some other neat, ambitious dishes in August. The by this point the chicken chilaquiles were one of the oldest chicken dishes on my To-Make list. I just never happened to have the ingredients around and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be a hit or a flop. Finally, I decided to do it! I went overly ambitious and made my own corn tortillas, which I then toasted in the oven to create chips which I then put into the chilaquilas. It was quite delicious. On the other hand I was not a fan of “Dave’s Fish Tacos” from the Weber Charcoal Grilling book. But, redemption came in the form of Easy Weeknight Chicken Tacos, one of the newest additions to my To-Make list from America’s Test Kitchen’s Cook it in your Dutch Oven. It had a good blend of citrus and Mexican flavors. I’d definitely like to make it again.

The fried tofu with cabbage salad was a nice little vegetarian respite and was quite, quite tasty. It was a general hit. The pecan-crusted fish also redeemed fish for the month.

Then it was time for my more ambitious recipes. Great grilled pizza required a bit of planning as it had two types of cheeses, a dough that has to ferment in the fridge overnight, and a charcoal grill to keep hot. It turned out to be a HUGE, HUGE hit. Another one of those where my wife was in doubt until she ate it and then requested it again a few weeks later. As for the fluffiest dinner rolls, that involved quite a bit, including getting a bit of flour parcooking in the microwave first. But darn if they weren’t so incredibly delicious! And look at how fluffy they were!

So fluffy……

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