New Dishes I cooked in July 2019

I finally made bacon from scratch for the first time, so that deserves its own gallery:

One of the things that had been stopping me was the fact that Costco only sold pork bellies already sliced for Korean dishes. Then, the weekend I was going to ask them if I could buy a full pork belly, they had one there. They said customers had been asking for it so they were going to start selling some whole. It was a pretty neat experience making my own bacon. I can see why it’s so expensive – it involves a lot of waiting and a lot of labor.

As for the rest of my food:

The beef fajita burger was another burger from the Weber Big Book of Burgers. That book continues to be hit and miss with the Missus and this one was a big miss. I thought it was OK. I wasn’t dying to make it again, but by the same token, I didn’t hate it.

A coworker was always raving about getting sausages from Binkerts. So on the way back from NYC I stopped there and bought some weisswurst so I coudl make currywurst. It was SO GOOD. It’s definitely something we try and buy whenever we’re on our way back from NY now. The weisswurst, which has some lemon and parsley provides a nice contrast to the curry ketchup. (Which I made from a recipe). The casing, when nicely crisped up also provides another nice contrast.

Calamari was on sale at Costco and Danielle wanted to try grilling some. I looked at a few websites to get a good feel for what to watch out for. More or less you want to grill them until they inflate, then flip for a quick minute or so to ensure to get some char on that side.

The grilled cauliflower with tahini was something I was anticipating since reading about it in the book Vegetables on Fire. I’ve never been a huge tahini person, so it was a gamble. But it worked rather well.

Finally, I continued to experiment with grilling stone fruit when I grilled some peaches. They tasted quite lovely with some Wegmans Vanilla Ice Cream.