2019 in Cooking

Without a doubt, the biggest story to tell about my cooking in 2019 is learning how to make, and no longer be intimidated by, breads. I made 15 different new breads and biscuits this year, including new family favorites like the Amish Friendship Bread and Brown Butter-Cardemom Banana bread. Also, there were the harder breads like the braided cinnamon bread and hot cross buns.

After spending years wanting to make my own bacon, I finally did!

I experimented with lots of new recipes and expanded my dessert repertoire, including blueberry cobbler. It was very, very fulfilling and I often wish I could just take a week off and make 3 meals a day to try lots of new recipes.

For 2020 my goals are to try more soups and stews (and I’ve already make good steps in that direction), braises, and breads. My family got me a lot of awesome cookbooks for Christmas and I’m anxious to go through them to add even more recipes to my list.

2019 New Dish posts: