New Recipes Sept 2020 – Nov 2020

In September I made two new recipes. One was the Lamb and Grilled Onion burger from Weber’s Big Book of Burgers. I also tried a hot and fast recipe for pulled pork from Raichlen’s Project Fire. The taste was good, but the biggest hit was the recipe he had for a mustard sauce.

For October the only new recipe I made was America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe for beef short rib ragu. I really enjoyed a different take on a ragu than the more French and Cuban versions I’d had in the past. It is definitely a recipe I’d like to make again.

Unsurprisingly, my new recipe for November involves turkey. I’d been wanting to try Bon Apetite’s braised turkey recipe for a couple years now. I tried it out and I have to say that anyone who says this is the best turkey ever has never had awesome smoked turkey. Luckily, I also smoked a turkey so we didn’t have to only eat this. (It was OK, just didn’t live up to the hype)

While I did cook more thank just these three meals, these last few months didn’t have too many new recipes.