New Dishes I cooked in April 2020

When it came to new dishes, April was all about bread. First, I made a no-knead bread with America’s Test Kitchen’s recipe.

It came out OK. I actually tried it again the following day to try and get a darker crust. The funny thing is that this is one of the easiest breads to make and yet it’s the one I’ve had the worst results with. The crumb wasn’t as open as it was supposed to be and for all the time it took to proof it was pretty meh.

My second new dish was Malasadas.

These are a Portuguese doughnut that made its way to Hawaii with colonists/explorers and it’s now most famous in the US as being a Hawaiian thing. (Funny, in all my 5 or so trips to Oahu, I never heard about them). Well, since my family on my mother’s side comes from Portugal, I found out that my great-grandmother used to make these for my mom as an after-school treat. I can see why – they were incredibly tasty – better than any doughnut I’ve ever had.

2 responses to “New Dishes I cooked in April 2020”

  1. That is funny that you’ve never heard of them in all the times you’ve been to Oahu. I went to the one famous place there in my only trip to the island!