New Dishes I cooked Dec 2019

December had a relatively low number of new dishes. I made a pasta bolognese from a new cookbook that I found rich and delicious. I had an OK attempt at flat bread. I needed to roll out the bread a bit thinner because it didn’t really fulfill the “flat” part of flat bread. The Spanish garlic soup was pretty good, except they didn’t mention how much Sherry vinegar to use and I guessed a little too high. The coffee cake was pretty good, and the first time I’d made one.

But the winner was the corn bread pudding. It was SO FREAKIN’ GOOD that I could have eaten the entire thing myself if I wasn’t trying to keep my over-eating at bay.

Not a bad end to 2019’s cooking journey. I got a LOT of cookbooks for Christmas, so 2020 is going to contain even more experimentation.