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  • One tiny hitch with the Fedora 33 upgrade

    It messed with DNS resolution for my local network, at least temporarily. I couldn’t resolve any websites that needed to hit our local DNS server. I did some Googling and saw that the resolver tech was changed from Fedora 32 to Fedora 33. I change a setting for my NIC and then changed it back […]

  • Upgrading Supermario to Fedora 33

    While new versions of Fedora have been pretty darned stable for a few years now, I usually wait a while after a release to upgrade. This year waiting ended up turning into just leaving it alone. But with February half-way done, we’re actually starting to get kind of close to the Fedora 34 release date. […]

  • Fedora 33 is out!

    It came out this Tuesday and last night I updated my laptop. The only thing I had to do for the upgrade was remove a python3-test package. Since I’m using virtual environments, for the most part I don’t care which Python packages the system has. So that was a nice, easy upgrade! Good job Fedora […]

  • Upgrading main computer (Supermario) to Fedora 32

    It’s been about a month since Fedora 32 was released, so I decided to try and upgrade Supermario to Fedora 32. First I had to disable the dropbox repo since they don’t have a Fedora 32 binary yet. Other conflicts included: bat in module gimp in module meson in module ninja in module pythnon3-pytest-testmon (doesn’t […]

  • Upgrading my Katello-Foreman-Managed RPM build VM to Fedora 32

    Because I have this VM registered to Katello (Foreman plugin) to receive updates (basically as a way of both keeping track of the computers and VMs on my network and also to have a GUI to pulp for caching RPMs), I had to deal with Katello-Agent. The latest RPM in the official Foreman/Katello repos is […]

  • Recent Fedora 31 and Fedora 32 Upgrades

    Recently upgraded my server to Fedora 31 as the Fedora 30 support window had closed. All I had to do was disable the bat Modular Repo. It wasn’t obvious I needed to do this at first, but I found a bugzilla that covered it. Then everything proceeded. I also updated my main laptop to Fedora […]

  • Fedora 31 is coming; Getting on Fedora 30

    Back when Fedora 30 came out, I updated my laptop, but I left my main computer and the HTPC on Fedora 29. The former because I was busy with something at the time and didn’t want the disruption of an upgrade; the latter because the family depends on it for entertainment. However, with Fedora 31 […]

  • Fedora 23 – 1 for 2 so far

    I was able to get Kurio, my netbook, to upgrade to Fedora 23 without issue. BlueYoshi, the living computer, is still unable to upgrade. So far it’s tripping up on dolphin-emu, OBS-MP, and some Gnome package. I’m not sure if that’s something that’ll be fixed as RPMFusion continues to update their Fedora 23 packages or […]

  • Trying to upgrade to Fedora 23

    Tried to upgrade the living room computer to Fedora 23. As of the time when I tried, because the RPMFusion repo wasn’t ready for Fedora 23, it couldn’t upgrade. I’ll try again in a day or two if the repo is up.

  • Fedora Pre-Upgrade: Finally!

    As many of you know, according to the Google search terms that bring people here.  I am of the not-so-humble opinion that Fedora’s upgrade process is about as pleasant as being forced to walk through the desert without a canteen of water.  First of all, they recommend to just do a fresh install which is […]