Upgrading main computer (Supermario) to Fedora 32

It’s been about a month since Fedora 32 was released, so I decided to try and upgrade Supermario to Fedora 32. First I had to disable the dropbox repo since they don’t have a Fedora 32 binary yet. Other conflicts included:

  • bat in module
  • gimp in module
  • meson in module
  • ninja in module
  • pythnon3-pytest-testmon (doesn’t belong in a distupgrade repo)
  • python2-beautifulsoup neds python2-lxml

The python ones are no-brainer to me. I use virtual environments now so I don’t care about the system libraries. I can get rid of those.

At first when I was writing this, I was going to lament that modules were still causing issues with upgrades. But it turns out that it was telling that info, but once I fixed the python issues, it auto-disabled the modules. So, good job Fedora upgrade QA team!

I did a quick review of what it was going to delete as part of the upgrade. Apparently it’s finally time for PyQT4 to go away. A bunch of other Python2 packages bit the dust. The only concerning issue was that a lot of gstreamer packages were being blown away. Because the list of packages to upgrade was so long, I couldn’t see if they were being replaced by a renamed package or all-encompassing package. So we’ll see if multimedia ends up broken on my system. In my life it’s the only part of Linux that can still be occasionally frustrating – especially since I like to work with video and need all the codecs to be working.

After a reboot, at the very least my music collection plays. I’ll have to see over time what, if anything, broke.