Upgrading Supermario to Fedora 33

While new versions of Fedora have been pretty darned stable for a few years now, I usually wait a while after a release to upgrade. This year waiting ended up turning into just leaving it alone. But with February half-way done, we’re actually starting to get kind of close to the Fedora 34 release date. So I figured President’s Day was as good a day as any to do the upgrade.

Years ago, I became interested in a music player called Tomahawk. The latest package I had was a Fedora 31 package. This was causing the upgrade to fail because it needed an older library to stick around. Since I haven’t used Tomahawk since a month or so after writing that article (about 5 years ago), I just did a dnf remove tomahawk. That also got rid of some dependencies that were probably just sticking around for that package.

The more complicated issue was summarized by dnf as: package python3-pytest-relaxed-1.1.5-10.fc33.noarch requires (python3.9dist(pytest) < 5 with python3.9dist(pytest) >= 3), but none of the providers can be installed. For that one I tried it with –allowerasing. That allowed the upgrade to go on.

After that it was 6GB of packages to update (thankfully I’m not on a metered connection) and then a reboot. If nothing goes awry, this’ll be the only post related to upgrading my main computer to Fedora 33. The only holdout now is my oldest’s laptop, but I think I’ll do that one today, too.