Upgrading my Katello-Foreman-Managed RPM build VM to Fedora 32

Because I have this VM registered to Katello (Foreman plugin) to receive updates (basically as a way of both keeping track of the computers and VMs on my network and also to have a GUI to pulp for caching RPMs), I had to deal with Katello-Agent. The latest RPM in the official Foreman/Katello repos is unfortunately for Fedora 29. That version of Fedora has been out of maintenance for a long time. Maybe Foreman (upstream for Satellite) is just used by most of their customers for RHEL sites that don’t have any Fedora nodes? So I did find this copr that provides updated versions: https://copr.fedorainfracloud.org/coprs/slaanesh/system-management/

To upgrade, first I had to go into Katello and remove it from the subscriptions. Then I had to run dnf repolist to get it to just look at the official Fedora and RPM Fusion repos. After that I ran the upgrade process. Once that concluded I was able to install Katello-agent and that brought in goferd and all the other packages I needed.

After that I just needed to subscribe it to Fedora 32 repos in Katello and everything was golden.