Recent Fedora 31 and Fedora 32 Upgrades

Recently upgraded my server to Fedora 31 as the Fedora 30 support window had closed. All I had to do was disable the bat Modular Repo. It wasn’t obvious I needed to do this at first, but I found a bugzilla that covered it. Then everything proceeded.

I also updated my main laptop to Fedora 32; it’s always my first upgrade since it’s not my main machine. That one required a few modular repos to be disabled as well as a bunch of conflicts from Python 2 packages. By using dnf’s –auto-erase (or whatever the command actually is), everything proceeded and seems to be running just fine. I was a little worried at first with the warning about coming back from a locked screen in KDE, but I decided I could live with it on the laptop. So far, either the issue doesn’t affect my laptop or I haven’t triggered the conditions.

With how well things went, I’ll probably upgrade my main machine in a month or so – mostly so I can get access to Python 3.8. If that ends up coming to Fedora 31, then I may wait for the Fedora 33 upgrade and just do a 2-level upgrade. Somewhere in between I’ll probably upgrade my VMs – one for MythTV and one for building RPMs (which I set up so that I wouldn’t have to install so many gosh-darned packages on my main machine – which makes upgrades take forever).