Fedora 31 is coming; Getting on Fedora 30

Back when Fedora 30 came out, I updated my laptop, but I left my main computer and the HTPC on Fedora 29. The former because I was busy with something at the time and didn’t want the disruption of an upgrade; the latter because the family depends on it for entertainment. However, with Fedora 31 coming out next Tuesday, the support window of Fedora 29 is over. The HTPC didn’t give any issues when I started the upgrade (at of this time it’s still running the upgrade), but my main computer did. This time it complaint about ripright and whois-mkpasswd.

I removed ripright and it didn’t seem to affect anything else. I also removed whois-mkpasswd. I can always try and reinstall them later. This allowed the download to proceed. Afterwards it was able to boot into Fedora 30 without any issues. whois-mkpasswd turned out to also be an issue when upgrading my server. When I checked in Fedora 30, ripright was not something that could be installed. whois-mkpasswd had reinstalled itself as part of the upgrade process. Looks like everything is running alright.