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  • Waves

    Life seems to be a series of waves that I ride until they crash on shore. Then I wait for the next one and have another go at it. I’m not talking about life fundamentals – those are on a much slower evolution and change much less often, but I’m talking instead about the fun […]

  • My second civ4 game is over

    My second civ4 game is over and I did MUCH better this time! I won a Space Race instead of just having the highest score upon end of turns like last game. This earned me a score of # – Neville Chamberlain! Here is my save file if you wish to add it to your […]

  • Ending my second civ4 game

    I’ve got a little more than 100 turns left in my second game ofciv4. As my first game served to teach me many new concepts in the civ series, I have fared much better. One of the key concepts I’ve learned is that barbarians are everywhere, even in Settler mode. Previously, in the easiest difficulty […]

  • My first Civ4 Game

    Here’s a save file from my first civ game. All you need to do is load up the game and hit “enter” to complete my turn. This will give you something to compete against in your Hall of Fame – unless you’re way better than me. My brothers and I started doing this with Civ3 […]

  • Civ4 from another’s perspective

    If you think that my review of Civ4 was a bit too rosy, check out this review by Tara, who has a review close the middle, but a little more towards the negative side. A verteran civ gamer, like myself, she found herself basically feeling something was different without quite being able to put her […]

  • Civ Second Look

    Here are some more screenshots from my first Civ4 game. Above you see some of my cavalry units preparing for war. This unit has a lot of cavalry on the map representing the upgrades in defense I have given it. In the above shot you can see both the industrial era worker as well as […]

  • In depth Civ4 coverage continues with Navy/Airforce Review

    Another area where civ4 has become more balanced for me is in the role the sea and air units play. Although I was always primarily a winner by culture in civ3 and space race in civl/2, whenever I *was* faced with aggression, it was usually my armies that did the heavy lifting. I almost never […]

  • Civ4 Score

    A score of 3447 in Settler mode is enough for me to no longer have the leadership skills of Dan Quayle, but of Ethelred the Unready. “The Unready” – doesn’t sound like much of a promotion, eh?

  • Workers working harder in Civ4

    In Civilization 4, one of the most significant changes outside of the civics and religions, is the expanded role given to workers. Previously, it was very easy to know what to do with your workers. If a mountain or hill was involved, put a road and mine; otherwise irrigate and road. Jungles and forrests had […]

  • Civ First Look

    Civ First Look

    Welcome to my first look/impressions of Civ4. As you can see, I began the game with a settle and a warrior. The first things you will notice are that they have changed the icons so that a unit is represented by three units instead of one. Although, considering how many units are used in a […]

  • News Tidbits

    First a quick aside: That Civ4 post got pushed back a little as I couldn’t resist playing and then I had to get to bed since I have an early day today. Expect it later today if nothing irregular happens. To Tara’s comment yesterday – your comments made me check my tech tree poster – […]

  • Civ4 Disc Error? plus one little thing…

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced the following with civ4 special edition. According to the manual and discs, it says that disc 2 should be the disc to play from. However, on my computer it only loads off of disc 1. Second, I read the terms of usage (the license) when I was a little […]

  • Where’s the civ4 overview?

    Civ4 was amazing to play yesterday and I took a bunch of screenshots. However, right before I was about to save and quit the game for the day, my video card died and shut down my entire computer. This was the same thing that happened when my cpu/motherboard died freshman year of college so I […]

  • First impressions

    Here’s what I picked: -continents –temperate climate -medium sea level -huge world I picked the japanese because I’ve played them since Civ2. Tokugawa is the emperor. He is aggressive and orgnized. We start with fishing and the wheel! Excellent since you can’t build roads without wheel. I picked settler difficulty since they’ve changed a lot […]

  • before I play…

    Here are some things I noticed while reading the civ4 manual at work: 1. there are now worker boats to improve the ocean squares! 2. settlers move 2 squares now 3. you can now move on the same square as an enemy and not attack them!!! 4. mounted unites can’t fortify 5. you can fortify […]