Life seems to be a series of waves that I ride until they crash on shore. Then I wait for the next one and have another go at it. I’m not talking about life fundamentals – those are on a much slower evolution and change much less often, but I’m talking instead about the fun things I do in my life.

Take, for example, my recent fascination with haikus. I don’t even have an event I could pinpoint as the cause. I just saw the snow and remembered how I always loved seeing it fall at night at Cornell. Then, for some reason, I thought the best way to express myself would be a haiku. Now, it seems they are coming to me for all sorts of reasons. And so it will be for a while, until they suddenly stop.

It’s the same with photography. One week I’ll be inundated with ideas for pictures – so much so that I have to write my ideas down if I want any chance of remembering them. And I work on them and post 10 or even 15 pictures to my page on flickr. Then, as quickly as the urges arrived, they are gone and my camera will lie unused for days or even weeks at a time.

Even civ4 or any other video game I have ever played follows the same patterns. I play the game until I can’t take it any more and then don’t play for months at a time. It doesn’t matter if it’s my favorite game (and I don’t have too many of those), I just have no desire to play.

The good thing about the patterns is that I’m never just caught up with one thing. I’m always into another one of my passions and it makes life fresh and new. But sometimes it can be a real pain in the butt. I’ve had some days which were perfect for pursuing my hobbies and I just didn’t feel like doing a darn thing. In fact, it seems that I only ever want to do things when I can’t. During the school year, I couldn’t wait to play Sims 2. I haven’t touched the game since the end of my Senior year at Cornell.

I wonder if other people feel the same way or if this is just a sign that I have found a lot of things that I like to do or even love to do, but have yet to find my passion. Or did even Picasso sometimes feel as though he didn’t want to paint another painting or he would kill someone. Even my blog post format goes in waves. Sometimes I feel like writing posts about my personal life, other times it’s politices, Linux, civ4, or whatever else I want to talk about. Well, at any rate, get ready for the photographic wave coming soon. I play to take some pictures this Thanksgiving holiday – including some I have been planning for a while.

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