News Tidbits

First a quick aside:
That Civ4 post got pushed back a little as I couldn’t resist playing and then I had to get to bed since I have an early day today. Expect it later today if nothing irregular happens. To Tara’s comment yesterday – your comments made me check my tech tree poster – Mine is in English. It seems like you got a European version even though their debut is in November.

The US Justice department has approved the mergers of Verizon-MCI and SBC-AT&T. My feelings? Get ready for potentially higher prices for everything. This is not only the reduction of local phone service competition, but also long distance and Dial-Up/DSL service. Technically, MCI and AT&T have been focusing on long distance/business customers, but I’m not 100% sure, things have been getting more and more complicated in the telecom industry.

Harriet Miers couldn’t take the heat, so she got out of the kitchen. She has dropped out of the “race” for Supreme Court even though all the pundits said she’d probably stick it through. I guess if it were only democrats calling for her withdrawal it’d be different, but not even republicans wanted her. I think, with only one spot left, the republicans want to make sure they get someone who will guarantee a reversal of roe v wade or something. Although I believe that a woman should try and have an unwanted child and put it up for adoption, I also think that forcing women to go back to underground abortions is not the way to go. Just try and communicate with people rationally and explain your reasons. Let them deal with the choice.

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