Where’s the civ4 overview?

Civ4 was amazing to play yesterday and I took a bunch of screenshots. However, right before I was about to save and quit the game for the day, my video card died and shut down my entire computer. This was the same thing that happened when my cpu/motherboard died freshman year of college so I was very worried at first. However, I unplugged and replugged the computer and it came on, but there was no picture. I swapped in the video card from my wife’s dell and it worked. So it seems the problem was the video card. I’m really ticked because I just bought that PNY nVidia card around one year ago. I checked my power supply and it’s 330 W and the video card asks for 220 W if I have a lot plugged in. So I am pretty sure it was a faulty card. Things usually don’t fail so quickly for me, so I don’t have the warranty. (I know, that’s MY fault) I’ll be buying a new BFG nVidia card – it’s all I can afford for now and is equivalent to the one that just died in terms of power – and as soon as I get my computer back up, I’ll post the screenshots and descriptions.

All I have to say is thanks to the folks at Firaxis for keeping the Civ feature of autosaving in Civ4. The upper limit on how many turns I’ll have lost is 4 since it autosaves every 4 turns.

2 responses to “Where’s the civ4 overview?”

  1. Stick to NVidia and ATI for now. They may cost a bit more, but they’re usually top notch in terms of quality.

  2. That’s not fun about your computer! I too had a tragic computer malfunction a few weeks ago where my monitor blew up. Very sad, but ultimately I got something better than what I had. So hopefully your machine will run Civ 4 all the better with the new graphics card when it arrives.