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  • Woohoo!

    I came home for lunch and am now the proud owner of Civ4 Special Edition! The special edition is awesome! The cover is amazing and the …. wow! I’m installing it now. Look for in depth coverage when I play after I get back from work!

  • Civ4 – Just one more day…..

    It’s been confirmed by BigRedJeffdom and others – Civ4 has been pushed by one day at the retail stores. It makes us civ fanatics angry, but it’s life. At least it’s one day – not a week or even a month.

  • what the heck!

    Civ4 has not shipped to any maryland best buys or EBs!

  • Fanatical Civ Playing (by others, not me)

    If you want to play Civ4 in the most unique way I’ve ever seen, then head on over to What do they do? They play a civ game where a group of people act as a president and cabinet controlling what goes on in the game. In other words, I play for a few…

  • Civ-tastic!

    Reading on the Civilization IV developer’s blogs, I gleaned the following great tidbits! On Great People: “Great People are created at the city level, as each city can generate “great people points” based on conditions and structures in the city. You can affect the amount of people points generated in several ways. One very dramatic…

  • Tomorrow is a great day for war!

    Just reserved my copy of Civilization IV Special Edition at EB. You can bet I’ll be all over that sucker tomorrow after work. Hope to have a more substantial blog post later. q;o) Oh yeah, people are coming back to my blog! About four hundred unique visitors have come in the last couple of weeks.

  • Save often and Save Well

    Linux Uptime: 21:46:52 up 25 days “Save often and Save Well” that was the motto of one of the best pioneering games of the 80s and 90s, King’s Quest. They spouted that advice because it was easy to make the wrong move and have your character die. If you hadn’t saved, you could lose hours…