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  • Changing To a Block-Based Theme (Twenty Twenty-Two)

    Interestingly enough, I was originally exploring whether to change to the new Bjork theme I’d just heard about. Unfortunately, unlike previous theme changes, it required me to completely redo my homepage while the page was live. It was NOT a good experience. But I did start playing around with the built-in themes. For the past […]

  • Forgot to document my old theme!

    When I switched to Twenty Nineteen almost a year ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with the theme so I never did my theme documentation blog post. So here’s what the previous theme, Twenty Sixteen, which I had for about 2.5 years, looked like: And here are the previous theme changes: […]

  • Just switched to Twenty Nineteen Theme

    I’m not sure I like how the main blog page looks. While it seems to copy something like Ghost or Jekyll (some of the WordPress competitors popular among the technical set), It has something of an unfinished look to it. I do really like the way individual posts look, particularly when they have a featured […]

  • The New Theme, Version 2

    Slight modifications are made for a more pleasing experience

  • The New Theme, Version 1

    In which our author explains the reason for the change and documents the old theme.

  • Let’s Do the Theme Change Again!

    Let’s Do the Theme Change Again!

    Almost exactly two years ago, I changed to the Twenty Thirteen theme. It was a breath of fresh air after what I’d used before. The font is beautiful and it was much less cluttered than the themes I’d used before. One of the things I like is that the color scheme quickly tells the user […]

  • Pardon Our Dust

    Finally switched over to Twenty Thirteen now that WordPress 3.6 is out. It’s going to take some time for me to get things looking the way I want them. Anyway, I LOVE the new fonts – much better readability than the previous theme.

  • This’ll work for now…

    I found a WordPress theme that I mostly like called Hal 5.0.  I think the top image is a little over the top, but the overall theme is ok.  I edited the font size up from the default – the font designer must have amazing eyesight.  I also added in tag listings into the blog […]

  • Changing themes again

    This theme is really annoying me, mostly because it’s a fixed width theme.  That means that the theme doesn’t expand if you expand your Window or have a wide screen monitor.  Mostly, it means annoying things like this blog post title.  As you can see, it cuts into the metadata such as the date/time.  Also […]

  • A reminder of my previous theme

    I had the ramart theme for over 2 years, since announcing it in this post. I’ve had it for practically the entire life of this blog, so I thought it would be fitting to record how it looked. Perhaps I can go back to it if I can convince someone to redo it as a […]

  • Look and feel of the site

    First of all, I was unsuccessful in getting my previous theme to work with the new features. Second, the current theme I have selected is god-awful. However, I really, really like the widgets idea a LOT! So I’m going to need to find a better theme that supports widgets. I tried about 4 different ones, […]

  • Theme

    I’m going to try and upgrade my theme to work with the latest WordPress feature – widgets. Therefore, the blog might look a little ugly as I attempt to get the theme to work.