Look and feel of the site

First of all, I was unsuccessful in getting my previous theme to work with the new features. Second, the current theme I have selected is god-awful. However, I really, really like the widgets idea a LOT! So I’m going to need to find a better theme that supports widgets. I tried about 4 different ones, but this one was the best. Really, the only thing I don’t like about it is that images flow out of the boxes instead of the boxes expanding. I’ll work on it or just roll back to my old one and forget about widgets.

4 responses to “Look and feel of the site”

  1. I’ll put a backup plugin in your plugin directory later tonight or in the next couple of days and then you can run that to make sure we have the databases backed up in case the categories get messed up. Also, you’ll need to have all your plugins disabled – as I think that’s at least part of what killed my categories. (At least that’s what the support forums let me to believe from people with similar complaints to mine)

    So we’ll probably save the upgrade for when we’re both on AIM or MSN so I can make sure you shut down your plugins and all that. Also, to use widgets (which make your sidebar customization ridiculously easy) you’ll need a theme that supports that. Visit wordpress to check if yours complies and/or find a new one.

  2. Admittedly, one of my favorite aspects is the tag cloud widget. The larger the word, the more posts with those tags. Tags are complimentary to categories as I’ll explain in a future post. Also, it’s misleading right now because if I had spent time tagging the posts as I was recategorizing them, I think I would have gone mad. (As well as being less than halfway done!)

  3. Ok, I put 2 plugins in there for you. First enable/run preflight so that you can check if your theme/plugins are incompatible with the upcoming version.

    Second, run the database backup. Do the one that saves to your computer. If it complains about not having privileges to write to where it needs to, let me know and I’ll fix that.