Let’s Do the Theme Change Again!

Almost exactly two years ago, I changed to the Twenty Thirteen theme. It was a breath of fresh air after what I’d used before. The font is beautiful and it was much less cluttered than the themes I’d used before. One of the things I like is that the color scheme quickly tells the user what kind of post I’m making. In practice, the post types made a bit less sense for the way I blog than if I were a Tumblr refuge, but it does make for a nice, colorful theme.

Of any theme I’ve ever had, I was most proud of my header image. Took me about a day’s worth of time over a couple weekends to get it right. I based it on another website I’d seen at the time.

I’ve enjoyed it for the past two years, but there have been some small drawbacks. For one thing, if I used the theme as intended, many things go in the footer, but that essentially means I can’t use an infinite scroll. Also, the sidebar, with its background, makes it a little ugly over the beautiful colors. Finally, my theme doesn’t quite work as it should on phones. It’s very, very close, but not quite right. See the image below.

I’ve decided to once again go with Automattic’s default theme, Twenty Fifteen. It was designed by a professional and it uses a beautiful font. The other things I like about it are the focus on content and post header images and the cleanliness of it. It’ll probably take me a few weeks to get it customized exactly how I want it as I’m not dedicating a lot of time to it now – I’m trying to finish up grad school.

So, as usual, here’s a few screenshots of my current theme (for posterity):

Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 1
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 2
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 3
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 4
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 5
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 6
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 7
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 8
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 9
Blog Twenty Thirteen Theme 10

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