The New Theme, Version 2

While I enjoyed the new theme overall, one thing was nagging at me as I went to bed last night – the padding around the menu, header, and site identity took up WAAAAAAY too much space. So I made the menu more nested to make it appear on the right as it does in the example site for the theme. I might need to make a few more tweaks to that to make sure certain pages are surfaced rather than hidden.

I’m still not 100% sold on my header. Since this theme allows logos in addition to headers, that might be the way I fix what I don’t like about the header. We’ll see.

Finally, I added my blog to my Tiny Tiny RSS newsreader. It sucks. Some images and galleries don’t appear. It doesn’t follow any of the themes. In general I recommend coming to the site instead of reading in RSS. Not yet sure how well it looks when it’s posted to Facebook.