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  • Federation Test

    I had to change my wordpress username as it contained characters that were fine back when I started this blog in 2005, but didn’t work for federation. So this is a test to see if the post will properly federate now that I’ve changed the username. Here’s hoping!

  • It’s Book Review Time

    I’ll be getting caught up on book reviews, so through the end of the year you’ll see at least one book review per day. I’ll still be occasionally writing my usual blog posts, but the most consistent content will be book reviews.

  • This Blog is Now On Mastodon/Fediverse

    You can now follow the blog on Mastodon by searching for: Then you can follow and see all of the blog’s posts. There is a bit of an error with my author posts, but since I’m the only author on this blog (I think there are maybe 2 posts by my brother), it’s not…

  • An Update on Fedora 36, Plasma 5 and Wayland

    An Update on Fedora 36, Plasma 5 and Wayland

    KDE Wayland has come a long way support has come a long way since I last wrote about it 8 months ago. Yakuake now shows up in the correct place (although it seems to have a hard time remembering to start up upon login). The lock screen bug hasn’t hit me in the past month.…

  • Changing To a Block-Based Theme (Twenty Twenty-Two)

    Interestingly enough, I was originally exploring whether to change to the new Bjork theme I’d just heard about. Unfortunately, unlike previous theme changes, it required me to completely redo my homepage while the page was live. It was NOT a good experience. But I did start playing around with the built-in themes. For the past…

  • Spent a bunch of today trying to get SSL working correctly

    And failed and left my site offline most of the day. So I’ll have to try some stuff on the side and give it another shot.

  • A little dust for the next few days (or weeks)

    I just moved this blog to slightly different hosting infrastructure. Because of that I had some funky issues with character encoding yesterday. I believe that’s fixed now, but there may be other things that take me time to notice and fix up. Also, I still have a couple other things to set up so that…

  • Trying out the Code Syntax Block Plugin

    I’m not a huge fan of plugins for key parts of the site. There are some blog posts that no longer make sense because they used, for example, the iframe plugin to embed Google Maps. That said, my previous solution for displaying code on the site – special CSS is also brittle because I lose…

  • I can’t believe this blog is 15 Years Old!

    I missed the 15 year anniversary this February because I was busy with family visiting and then COVID-19 happened and next thing I knew it was the end of July and I was realizing just how long this site has been around. The crazy thing is that in my first blog post on this blog,…

  • Forgot to document my old theme!

    When I switched to Twenty Nineteen almost a year ago, I wasn’t sure if I was going to stick with the theme so I never did my theme documentation blog post. So here’s what the previous theme, Twenty Sixteen, which I had for about 2.5 years, looked like: And here are the previous theme changes:…

  • Just switched to Twenty Nineteen Theme

    I’m not sure I like how the main blog page looks. While it seems to copy something like Ghost or Jekyll (some of the WordPress competitors popular among the technical set), It has something of an unfinished look to it. I do really like the way individual posts look, particularly when they have a featured…

  • Changed hosts

    I haven’t completely changed hosting for all my domains, but I have changed it for this one. So it’s possible things may be broken for a bit while I root out all the errors. Or maybe I got lucky and everything will be perfect after the DNS is done propagating.

  • The New Theme, Version 2

    Slight modifications are made for a more pleasing experience

  • The New Theme, Version 1

    In which our author explains the reason for the change and documents the old theme.

  • Rolling Your Own

    Rolling Your Own

    Another event has once again cemented my thoughts that the informed technical person needs to run their own services rather than depend upon the benevolence of companies. It started with Google closing Google Reader. Then Facebook and Twitter got extra censorious. During all that, people started abusing DMCA requests on Youtube. Recently Google decided to…