An Update on Fedora 36, Plasma 5 and Wayland

Books Activity - 20230116

KDE Wayland has come a long way support has come a long way since I last wrote about it 8 months ago. Yakuake now shows up in the correct place (although it seems to have a hard time remembering to start up upon login). The lock screen bug hasn’t hit me in the past month. Multi-monitor support is way better now. (And this is without the new update that supposedly makes it even more so solid). Scrolling is still a little screwy in Firefox, but it works perfectly in Vivaldi (my daily driver for quite a few months now).

I also used the opportunity to switch away from latte dock to normal KDE panels because the developer no longer wished to maintain the project. Overall, I like the new look I’ve come up with – which is mostly the same as what I had before, but with a few tweaks. Here’s what the desktops look like now: