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  • Milestones

    I have reached a few server milestones this month. My previous post on this blog was my fiftieth post. Not bad for only two month’s worth of posting. Also, not only did I break 1 thousand visits, I surpassed it, and the month isn’t even over yet. I have come very close in the past […]

  • MOody with Music!

    Hey, I finally got the MyMooMus plugin for WordPress working after taking a look at the code and clarifying the way to use the tags. I had originally misunderstood the way it worked and was a little frustrated when it appeared not to be working right. You’ll notice on the rest of my posts that […]

  • Two interesting bits of knowledge

    First of all, congrats to the WordPress team! In just two weeks they were able to have 50 000 downloads of the blog software this site is running. I HIGHLY recommend them if you have your own server and want to run your own blog. Second, for those who are used to the format of […]

  • drop the bomb productions gets a minor face lift

    The website for drop the bomb productions, my indie film studio, has received a minor face lift today. I changed the index page and added some forums for discussion. For those of you who don’t know, I am into video editing and have created quite a bit of content. The videos currently on the server […]

  • [1.0] instructions

    I’ve decided that from now until I have to shut down my server, I’m going to be blogging with my server’s blog It’s A Binary World 2.0. Amongst other things, it automatically sends to some blog search engines whenever I’ve made a post and has led to 200 visits to my blog so far this […]

  • Want to subscribe to It’s A Binary World 2.0’s RSS feeds?

    What’s RSS? It is a syndication protocal allowing you to get people’s blogs and news websites’ headlines delivered to your email or web browser client so that you don’t need to surf to each and every one of them to read them. You can also save them onto your computer for future reading! Wow, that […]

  • Excellent

    The upgrade went off without a hitch. The new features are pretty neat, although I’m trying to see how to get back my original template. Overall, the new features are a great improvement over the previous version of the software, but, as usual, there is some getting used to with the new features. Still, the […]

  • upgrading your blog?

    Well, they have released a new version of my blogging software. For the first time ever I will be upgrading a blog. In a way, it’s a very good thing because I’ve been putting off learning how to backup my databases for a few weeks and part of the upgrade process is to backup the […]

  • reorganizing and Mo Rocca info

    I’m not sure how many people have visited this blog site yet or how many are coming here independently through other sites. I know of one person who has confirming coming here and subscriping to the RSS feed. Anyway, you may have noticed I made some cosmetic changes to the site. I’m not 100% sure […]

  • Singing the praises of Word Press

    One of the things I love about word press over Tripod’s current mode is that I can make a post belong to several categories. This is extremely useful because on Tripod, for example, I have the categories of “Linux”, “Computers”, and “Technology”. Since the category I pick is sometimes a function of the one I […]

  • A Brave New World

    Today I begin what may be one of the most interesting projects I have yet to take on. This blog is hosted on my server. That means it is completely under my control. I don’t have to pay money for it and I can write whatever I want without any censorship. Additionally, it’s pretty freakin’ […]