I can’t believe this blog is 15 Years Old!

I missed the 15 year anniversary this February because I was busy with family visiting and then COVID-19 happened and next thing I knew it was the end of July and I was realizing just how long this site has been around. The crazy thing is that in my first blog post on this blog, I wasn’t even sure I’d stick with it. Yet here I am, with a blog that’s essentially been with me for my entire post-college life. While I started off with the generic WordPress theme, 15 years ago in July I had the following theme:

Boy had the world changed since then! We went from a world in which the blog was ascendant to one in which Twitter and Facebook rule and the mass public has abandoned blogs. They still mostly live as sections of publications – Forbes has a blog, for example – and other techies like me who appreciate being in control of where their thoughts live. Instead, because of the way people consume things we have tweet storms – which are pretty dumb – it should just be a tweet linking to a blog post if you’re going to write that much on a subject.

The subjects of my blog have morphed. Back in 2005 I had lots of blog posts about Linux and for a while I was getting a lot of views for my Linux reviews. Then I went through a huge photography phase. Nowadays it’s mostly about programming, electronics projects, and fatherhood. As of right now, here are the top posts and pages on the blog:

It’ll be really interesting to see if I’m still running the blog in 15 years. I don’t see a reason not to do so, but the world is always changing so we’ll have to see what the future brings. That said, I do hope I continue to have a place to share my thoughts.