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  • An Update on Fedora 36, Plasma 5 and Wayland

    An Update on Fedora 36, Plasma 5 and Wayland

    KDE Wayland has come a long way support has come a long way since I last wrote about it 8 months ago. Yakuake now shows up in the correct place (although it seems to have a hard time remembering to start up upon login). The lock screen bug hasn’t hit me in the past month. […]

  • Fedora 36, KDE Plasma 5, and Wayland Part 2

    After using Plasma with KWayland for about a week, I had to go back to X11 because it’s not yet ready for me. There are 3 main issues I’m having: Occasionally, when I come back to my computer after locking the screen it would say that the screen locker had crashed. I would need to […]

  • Wayland on KDE on Fedora 36

    I upgraded to Fedora 36 so I wanted to see all the latest updates to Wayland. I’d been reading about the updates in the KDE and wanted to see if it was more stable. I had to redo my latte dock profile. Other than that, SO FAR the only issues are that the scroll wheel […]

  • How to get around Elisa’s lack of scrobbling

    Elisa is currently the “default” KDE music player, replacing Amarok. I am just taking a guess, but I think that Amarok just ended up with too large a codebase to be maintainable at a reasonable pace. I’ve been using Cantata, an mpd player for KDE that’s currently on maintenance mode. On the one hand, I […]

  • KDE Challenge (Fall 2021)

    With KDE’s 25th Anniversary and the release of KDE Plamsa 5.23, I got excited to check out a few KDE-focused distros. Kinoite First up was Fedora’s KDE-based RPM-OSTree distro, Kinoite. (summary after each video) Fedora provides a nice RPM-OSTree solution for folks who want to use the tech, but don’t want to use Gnome. The […]

  • How Desktop Environment Tweaking Helps Me Be More Productive

    A few months ago, someone asked about whether the rices*/modifications/tweaks people displayed on (where people show off their desktops, not human pornography) were actually useful. Someone commented they’d like to see a post on how someone uses their mods. So I decided to write this up. *I know the term ricing could be considered […]

  • Installing KDE Plasma 5 on CentOS 8

    You can watch the following video. There are also text instructions below the video. (including getting sddm working) I started off with just a boot install of CentOS 8, so I wouldn’t have Gnome or any other unnecessary cruft installed. After installation, I enabled the EPEL repository – latest directions for that are here. After […]

  • Dracula Theme

    Just in time for Halloween I discovered the Dracula set of dark themes.They’ve got themes for nearly every code editor and shell/console program you can think of. Here’s Yakuake with the Dracula Konsole theme: And here’s Kate with the Dracula theme: I like the color scheme, but the font’s a bit small, so I might […]

  • Addendum to my KDevelop Post

    A couple days ago, I wrote about giving KDevelop another look and posted it to reddit’s r/kde. In my post, I’d said it was annoying to have to configure the color schemas per file. Someone commented on the subreddit that if you use the View->Schema menus it’s per file while if you go into Settings->KDevelop […]

  • Current favorite thing about KDE with Kmail setup

    Hitting alt-F2 then typing email (contact name – eg Danielle) and enter and then it presents me with an email window to send an email. No need to navigate to or go over to the screen running Kmail (actually, usually Kontact).

  • An updated Digital Photography Workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee

    An updated Digital Photography Workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee

    Back in October, I created a video showing my workflow with Digikam and RawTherapee. After spending lots of months working with both programs and tinkering to see what works best, I have updated my workflow. Based on the current versions of the programs, here is my updated workflow:

  • Changing BACK from SDDM (to KDM)

    SDDM just kept crashing on my system. I can’t figure out what’s screwed up about it. And when it would get me to a KDE desktop, I couldn’t click on anything. So it’s back to KDM for now…

  • Changing to SDDM on SuperMario (Fedora 22)

    Whenever I boot up post upgrade to Fedora 22, it takes much longer to load KDM than it used to. So I thought maybe it has something to do with Wayland and the fact that KDM is EOL’d. So I thought I’d convert to SDDM. I had no idea how to change DMs in the […]

  • Neat KDE Connect Behavior

    I have KDE connect installed on my computer and phone. KDE connect allows phone alerts to appear on my computer – letting me see if I’m getting a text or something. It just went off, letting me know I had a phone call. What’s neat is that I was listening to music and it paused […]

  • My First Attempt at Customizing my Fedora 22 KDE 5 Plasma Desktop 5

    My First Attempt at Customizing my Fedora 22 KDE 5 Plasma Desktop 5

    So I found out today that there is no way to re-enable different backgrounds and plasmoids per virtual desktop. It appears to be a mix of forcing people to finally use activities and a complication that was causing all kinds of bugs (according to their bugzilla). I was bummed for about an hour. The different […]