How to get around Elisa’s lack of scrobbling

Elisa is currently the “default” KDE music player, replacing Amarok. I am just taking a guess, but I think that Amarok just ended up with too large a codebase to be maintainable at a reasonable pace. I’ve been using Cantata, an mpd player for KDE that’s currently on maintenance mode. On the one hand, I know that for many folks scrobbling (logging the music you listen to) is something they left behind in the 2010s. On the other hand, I’m not the only person who has commented on the ticket to get the Elisa devs to add support for it. (And you know I love the stats for my end of year posts)

Today I figured out a workaround – install the scrobbler on your phone. Install KDE Connect on both your Linux machine and your phone. Make sure that KDE connect is pushing the status updates of what you’re listening to to your phone. This will cause on the phone to scrobble it. Huzzah!