Fedora 36, KDE Plasma 5, and Wayland Part 2

After using Plasma with KWayland for about a week, I had to go back to X11 because it’s not yet ready for me. There are 3 main issues I’m having:

  1. Occasionally, when I come back to my computer after locking the screen it would say that the screen locker had crashed. I would need to go to antoher TTY and type in a command to unlock it. After I did that, coming back to the TTY that has the GUI just remains black with a mouse cursor. So I would need to reboot the machine.
  2. Context menus would appear in the wrong place and I actually filed a bug about this one.
  3. I cannot drag and drop video files to upload to YouTube with Firefox. I have to click the button on YT and then navigate to the folder that has the video file. (Not sure if there are other things that can’t be dragged in – photo upload to Flickr, for example)

I’ll keep looking to see if they improve things. But for now I’m staying on X11.