Excited about KDE Plasma 6

If you’ve been following my blog long enough, you know that the KDE 3 -> KDE 4 transition was a mess, but somewhere around Oct 2010 (2-3 years after the 4.0 release), it really started to get stable and become my daily runner. By Feb 2011, I was loving the fact that KDE Plasma 4 had implemented the idea of activities. After user experience disaster, the KDE developers were a lot more careful with the transition to Plasma 5. Recently I read the blog post Plasma 6: Better defaults and I’m excited that the KDE developers are taking so much time to think about sane user defaults.

The KDE team has often been unfairly tagged as not caring as much as the Gnome developers about a consistent desktop look. I think what I love most about KDE (its many customization options) is what overwhelms some users. But I think that good defaults present a good starting point from which users can customize their desktop. With the Plasma team spending so much time on the details now, I’m hoping this means another smooth transition from Plasma 5 to 6.