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  • 2022 in Music (Last.FM and Spotify Listening Trends)

    2022 in Music (Last.FM and Spotify Listening Trends)

    Another year, another look at my music trends for the year. It was another year of music acquisition (supporting the artists, ftw! – I knew Spotify wasn’t paying artists well, but Corey Doctorow’s book, Chokepoint Capitalism really brought home how much they’re screwing over artists), although I think things may slow down in 2023. Here […]

  • Concert: I Fight Dragons with MC Lars and Schafer the Dark Lord (Nov 2022)

    Concert: I Fight Dragons with MC Lars and Schafer the Dark Lord (Nov 2022)

    The last concert I attended was Jonathan Coulton with Paul and Storm back in June of 2021. At the time we thought perhaps we were out of the woods with COVID. Instead, variant after variant has COVID a never ending fact life. For a while I was thinking that perhaps we’d eventually vaccinate our way […]

  • MxPx – Plans within Plans

    After spending the last year and change filling in the holes in the MxPx discography from when I last was an active fan with 2000’s The Ever Passing Moment, I have arrived at the final full album I was missing, Plans within Plans. I still have a couple EPs to buy, but this will probably […]

  • Are Rap Lyrics a Confession?

    Rap lyrics as a confession isn’t a new topic or question. I remember hearing about this a few years ago with someone who had rap lyrics on their Facebook page that was arguing it should be inadmissible in court. Just Googling “rap lyric confession” gave me these examples: The Controversial Use of Rap Lyrics as […]

  • 2021 in Music (Last.FM and Spotify Listening Trends)

    2021 in Music (Last.FM and Spotify Listening Trends)

    This year I was able to attend the Paul and Storm / JoCo concert that COVID stole from me last year. While there I bought the entire Paul and Storm discography, but I think because I listened to it so much on Spotify in the past, I didn’t listen to it as much as I […]

  • MxPx – Panic and Secret Weapon (Special Edition)

    I continued to catch up with the MxPx back catalog and purchased both Panic and Secret Weapon. My initial feelings upon listening were that I liked a lot more songs on Secret Weapon. But maybe, as with Before Everything & After this would turn out to be just a first impression where when looking at […]

  • How to get around Elisa’s lack of scrobbling

    Elisa is currently the “default” KDE music player, replacing Amarok. I am just taking a guess, but I think that Amarok just ended up with too large a codebase to be maintainable at a reasonable pace. I’ve been using Cantata, an mpd player for KDE that’s currently on maintenance mode. On the one hand, I […]

  • Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm at Ram’s Head in Annapolis

    Jonathan Coulton and Paul and Storm at Ram’s Head in Annapolis

    On 30 June 2021, I attended my first concert since COVID-19 started. I was masked since the Delta variant is a thing and singing indoors is definitely an activity that increases transmission. Despite that, it was awesome to get to do it again and there was a real sense of joy in the room from […]

  • MxPx – MxPx: You’re Never Too Old to Rock

    Last October I came back to MxPx, as I detailed in this post about how the lyrics for Friday Tonight led me to finally watch Friday. Over the past half year I would return to their self-titled album on Spotify. (I don’t subscribe to Spofity, but I do use the free tier to discover new […]

  • MxPx – Before Everything & After: What if MxPx made a Good Charlotte album?

    (the first 3 paragraphs are a slight modification of what I wrote for an Amazon review) The headline kind of gives it away, but this album definitely sounds like a cross between early/late MxPx and Good Charlotte. You can see on Wikipedia and other places that this was part of a 3ish album trend where MxPx […]

  • Five Iron Frenzy – Until This Shakes Apart

    Five Iron Frenzy – Until This Shakes Apart

    Over its long tenure as a band, Five Iron Frenzy has had some really silly songs. Songs like “Arnold, Willis, and Mr. Drummond”, “Oh, Canada”, “Blue Comb ‘78”, “The Untimely Death of Brad”, “Where is Micah?”, and many others. But they’ve also always been a really political band. On their first album, Upbeats and Beatdowns, […]

  • 2020 in Music (Last.FM and Spotify listening trends)

    2020 in Music (Last.FM and Spotify listening trends)

    Thanks to COVID I missed out on the concert where I was going to see Paul and Storm and Jonathan Coulton. Compared to last year, I also barely bought any music. This year I switched from using Ampache to listen to my music at work, to using Funkwhale. The more responsive interface has led to […]

  • FunkWhale vs Ampache

    One of the categories of software people often go to /r/selfhosted to ask about, is for software to host music. This has become even more important with the dissolution of Google Music and Amazon and others removing the ability to upload your own music to listen to. I’ve got some experience with both FunkWhale and […]

  • Review: Surrija by Surrija (formerly Jane Lui)

    Like, perhaps, many of my readers, I knew Jane Lui’s music mostly from her cover songs. But I really liked her voice and so I decided to back the Kickstarter for her new album, Surrija. By the time this review is published, I’ll have had the album for about 2 months. For this review I’ll […]

  • 2019 Listening Trends 2019 Listening Trends

    In 2019 I went to 5 concerts, starting with Neon Trees and Fitz & The Tantrums in May. Then I saw a bunch of my favorite smaller bands like The MiSbehavin’ Maidens, The Doubleclicks, Lionize, and The PDX Broadsides. Anberlin came out of retirement and so it was great to go see them in concert […]