I created my first RPM! And have a copr repo!

It’s the intersection of three of my hobbies – computers, Linux, and photography! Ever since I learned how to compile source code from the net, about a decade ago, I’ve wanted to create RPMs to help those who aren’t comfortable with compiling or simply don’t want to bother with compiling. But, for some reason, RPM creation was always something I struggled to get right. Nearly once a year I’d try and do it, but always failed. But recently, when reading the instructions on how to do it, it just clicked.

And there was software I wanted to use that didn’t have an RPM already. So I grabbed the source code to hdrmerge (which allows one to create high dynamic range photos – I plan on blogging about that some time in the near future) and worked to create an RPM. Then, to make it easy for people to update as the software updates, I created a copr repository!

You can find the repo here.

Also, it turned out to be more than RPM creation 101, it was a 200 level class as I had to figure out how to create a patch to make it work on Fedora. The next step might be for me to get it into the official Fedora repositories since there aren’t any licensing or patent reasons it couldn’t be in there.

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