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  • I created my first RPM! And have a copr repo!

    I created my first RPM! And have a copr repo!

    It’s the intersection of three of my hobbies – computers, Linux, and photography! Ever since I learned how to compile source code from the net, about a decade ago, I’ve wanted to create RPMs to help those who aren’t comfortable with compiling or simply don’t want to bother with compiling. But, for some reason, RPM […]

  • Reinstalling Fedora 23 on my main Linux Computer

    Reinstalling Fedora 23 on my main Linux Computer

    After daydreaming about running my Linux computer from an SSD for years (ever since I saw how fast it made my wife’s Linux install), I finally did it on the main Linux computer (SuperMario) as the root hard drive was getting old and was liable to die at any moment. The last time I’d installed […]

  • All Fedora Computers are now at Fedora 23

    Upgraded the final computer – the server host that has the VM with our Kodi stuff. It was the least complicated upgrade – didn’t have to remove anything – it just worked. And that was a great change, for once. (Not that the others were too much of a pain).

  • Upgrading SuperMario to Fedora 23 Part 2

    For some reason gazebo-doc the Fedora 22 version conflicted with the Fedora 23 version so I had to delete that. Also, despite the system claiming that it would not have to download the packages again, it appeared to not actually work that way – at least the second time I ran things. (After removing Kernel-debug […]

  • Upgrading SuperMario to Fedora 23

    Now that it seems the nvidia driver that deals with the latest Xorg is available, I decided to try and upgrade my main computer, SuperMario. I started with the dnf commands: dnf update –refresh dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade dnf system-upgrade download –releasever=23 As usual, old packages reared their ugly heads. They’d made it this far, but […]

  • Fedora 23 – 1 for 2 so far

    I was able to get Kurio, my netbook, to upgrade to Fedora 23 without issue. BlueYoshi, the living computer, is still unable to upgrade. So far it’s tripping up on dolphin-emu, OBS-MP, and some Gnome package. I’m not sure if that’s something that’ll be fixed as RPMFusion continues to update their Fedora 23 packages or […]

  • Trying to upgrade to Fedora 23

    Tried to upgrade the living room computer to Fedora 23. As of the time when I tried, because the RPMFusion repo wasn’t ready for Fedora 23, it couldn’t upgrade. I’ll try again in a day or two if the repo is up.

  • Fedora and Dell Inspiron 17

    I recently had to reinstall an OS on the wife’s Dell Inspiron 17. I was unable to complete an install for Fedora 22, but Fedora 21 and Fedora 23 beta were able to install. It would always freeze mid-install – usually around 70 or 80%. From what I could gleam on the net, it has […]