Once again I share with you the funny (and in some cases, insightful) quotes I’ve gathered over the last few months:

I had this conversation with Duffy yesterday about how politicians need to hire me as a lifestyle coach
“Hey Dan, should I pay all my taxes?”
“Yes! Are you stupid?”
“Hey Dan, should I solicit male prostitutes in the bathroom if I’m a conservative Republican?”

Dan: I was ready to get lunch, but found out I’m not hungy. It sucks.

“She dumped him like a step-headed red child.” – RG

‘There’s no customer who woke up this morning and said, “Gosh, I wish there was a way I could do less with my music this morning—I hope there’s an iTunes update waiting for me.” ‘ – Cory Doctorow

seen in mythTV mailing list:
Can anyone tell me what G.A.N.T stands for?

Girls are naturally tasty?
Graphite ants need teflon?
Google anything needing tacos?
Gnome and Nautilus tanked?

Mai: I’ve had enough of p*ssies for one night

Daniel: the l4d to l4d2 transition is beginning instead of getting a hit on zoey hentai

Dan: What time is it?
ERic: 930
Dan: I should go pee

“I was challenging you/she was stepping up to fuel the fire” – unintentional song lyrics from a chat with Dan

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