Those of you who may be new to my blog because you discovered me through a ping-back or some other method than coming over from It’s A Binary World 1.0 don’t know about my quotes posts. Throughout the day I collect quotes I hear in class, emails, or other sources and place them in my AIM profile. Whenever my profile contains too many characters, I move the quotes into my blog and refresh my AIM profile with new quotes.

Here are today’s quotes:

“That’s a power all mexicans have” – Dan, when the Mexican survives a car crash unharmed in Constantine

“The 1 key is lonely, so why don’t i just map A1 to capslock.” – Richard West

“No one has ever made promises that progress is linear or
clean… 2 steps forward and 1 step back…it’s a cha-cha.. a bloody
bare-knuckles knockdown dragout cha-cha… stiletto heels optional.” – Jeff Spaleta