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  • Old Tech

    Scarlett (8 yrs old): So, In my Nancy Drew book, there’s this thing called a phone book. Is that real? A book with everyone’s phone number?

  • Nocturnal Creatures

    Sam (4 years old): Can I have a coloring page for a nocturnal creature? Danielle: Can you give me an example of a nocturnal creature? Sam: Vampires!

  • You will remember me

    (About this shirt my mom gave Scarlett) Scarlett: what does this mean? Eric: It means people will remember you. Scarlett: Why does grandma want people to remember me?

  • Interesting Phrasing

    Interesting Phrasing

    I swear to God, I cannot play in my room by myself. -Scarlett

  • Scarlett at the Playground

    Scarlett at the Playground

    It’s good to play with you, but now I have to go home! -Scarlett to a playground full of kids

  • Cutting


    I asked my wife if she could show me how to cut a mango. This is what Scarlett said: You use scissors! And you cut! Open. Close. Open. Close. Put your fingers in the holes. Open. Close. And then I tried to recreate the situation while recording it. Here’s what she said with my prompting:

  • Martin Luther King Jr and The Baltimore Riots

    Martin Luther King Jr and The Baltimore Riots

    I’ve been meditating on a blog post about the riot in my figurative backyard. While I’m still unsure if whether I’ll end up writing anything about it, I came across some interesting MLK Jr quotes today. A riot is the language of the unheard. Martin Luther King Jr and this one seems to apply not…

  • Knowledge is Power

    Daddy, I have The Information! I got the pamphlet! -Scarlett after grabbing a pamphlet at the bank

  • The Library

    Yesterday I went to the library to learn things so I can learn to work as a doctor -Scarlett

  • Next time you hear about the 2nd Amendment to defend against tyranny….

    Some folks (especially Americans) seem to think that their AR-15s are a guarantor that they can resist tyranny. But guns are an 18th century response to 18th century threats to democracy. Capital doesn’t need to point a gun at you to remove your democratic rights: it just needs more cameras, more cops, and a legal…

  • Today’s quote

    A guy in a wheelchair with a hook for a hand is in a bad spot. -D.D. from work (who is wheelchair bound, but does not have hooks for hands)

  • Ok, Now you try it. -Scarlett, handing me her new Slinky

  • Scarlett begins using sentences

    Daddy, you wearing glasses! -Scarlett when she first saw me yesterday as she starts using sentences

  • Couldn’t have said it better myself

    A substantial percentage of outrage is bullshit. So is a substantial percentage of outrage about outrage, and so on. Outrage is often about consolidating political power and promoting the view that your political opponents are horrible people. Much of the dialogue about Mr. Robertson being suspended from A&E consists of partisans eager to use the…

  • On Arnold Schwarzenegger

    Yet, despite his non-existent range, Schwarzenegger has continually taken on projects that either cast him as a character with multiple identities (Raw Deal, Total Recall, True Lies, Escape Plan) or require him to play multiple characters (The 6th Day, the Terminator franchise). This results in a Hollywood hall of mirrors: Schwarzeneggers interacting with other Schwarzeneggers; Schwarzenegger pretending to be Schwarzenegger;…