KDE is back!

On my system, running Fedora 7 and Compiz causes the computer to refuse to exit Gnome. I always have to go into a terminal and shut the computer down that way and it’s extremely annoying. So I’ve decided to run KDE as my default desktop instead of Gnome. We’ll see if I can rekindle the fire I used to have for KDE or if it will annoy me enough to drive me back to Gnome.

So far I’ve used KDE all day today from Konqueror to Kopete to amarok. So far everything’s running well. I was having some problems with flash on Konqueror at first, but then I went into Settings->Configure Konqueror->Plugins and clicked on Scan for New Plugins. Then it found the flash plugin I already had installed for my mozilla-based browsers. This was good, because I didn’t want to have to download a copy per browser. So things seem to be going well so far.

We’ll see if I end up going with Torvalds’ desktop environment or the one rms would choose.