Spending some time with KDE

I used to love KDE and thought it was so much better than GNOME. Especially after discovering Superkaramba, I was sure nothing could beat KDE in terms of cool factor. Later I started using more GTK applications so I gravitated towards GNOME, fluxbox, and XFCE. Also, I ended up not really using the SuperKaramba widgets that much because they were always buried under my other windows….where I was doing real work!

But, now, on my first return to KDE since making my box dual head, I have found that Superkaramba is useful again! Why? Because once you have two screens you can do your primary work on one screen and have the widgets on the other so that you can get their full usefullness without having to minimize your windows.

I would also like to add that I haven’t yet seen a browser that renders my blog as nicely as Konqueror does. So to those browsing with Konqui, you’re getting the best out of it!


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