Fedora 21 Beta KDE Spin Part 1

Booted it up in Virt-manager (which finally has bridging!) I love the new theme!

Fedora 21 Beta - Login
Fedora 21 Beta – Login

But, sadly, it logs into KDE4, not KDE5. Perhaps 5 isn’t ready for primetime?

Fedora 21 Beta - Default Screen
Fedora 21 Beta – Default Screen

What I find baffling, given that this is running in a VM is that it loads FASTER to the desktop than the computer it’s running on. I wish I knew which technologies I am running or which widgets are causing my KDE load to go so slowly.

On the F21 beta front, I find it interesting that Konqueror is the only browser included – not reKonq (which is more modern – as far as I know) or Firefox (or even Chrome or Chromium).